Finding Beauty in Colour, Texture, Pattern and Form.

I am very excited to introduce my new work which comprises multi-disciplinary artworks incorporating collage, print and textiles. The hands on approach of collage and the intimate connection between myself and the materials is very appealing to me. The narrative of each collage unfolds with a mixture of control and uncertainty and an endless opportunity to keep searching and pushing boundaries.
My work is colourful and abstract and combines skills from my fashion and printed textiles background. The digital world appeals to me less, and it’s no surprise that I prefer the beauty of the handmade collage in much the same way as a piece of couture or a bespoke suit. Familiar tailoring and embroidery stitches weave their way into my work as well as an ever expanding library of mark-making.
The interplay of colour has always intrigued me and discovering harmonious combinations is always thrilling and surprising. I endeavour to bring all these elements together to form pieces with a sense of balance, colour, composition and detail.

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